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Maths Hub Web Design

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We have worked with a number of Maths Hubs over the years, and the BBO Maths Hub wanted to refresh its website for a new school year. Over the years the Maths Hub had expanded the number of courses, groups and activities and these often had varying names and target audiences. This resulted in a website that had become confusing and difficult to navigate. It also resulted in multiple systems for promoting ticketed events. We wanted to create a site that was bright and attractive and that was aimed at ‘selling’ the benefits of the maths hub ‘courses’ to teachers and school leaders – an active recruitment tool. It also needed clear and intuitive navigation providing an excellent user experience.


We designed a site that was stylish and really addressed the needs of the user – helping them to navigate quickly and simply to what they needed to see. We used nested tabs to enable visitors to get an overview but also enabling them to hone in on the elements that were relevant to them according to their teaching role and context. We created a new way of illustrating the courses on offer – showing simply and clearly on one page – all of the ‘events’ whether they be single-day events, multi-day events and even multi-day, multi-location events.


We designed and built a bespoke website that provided a simple and intuitive route to all listed courses. It enabled teachers to easily navigate the site to find material that was relevant specifically to them and their school whilst illustrating clearly what can often be quite confusing terms and processes. In addition, we were able to illustrate courses that they could book simply – all on the one system. We migrated their data from multiple systems and spreadsheets to a custom-configured Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). This provided a single system for contact records, tracking progress, events booking, work groups and communications. It was a complete game-changer saving administration time and providing a much improved user experience.


The BBO Maths Hub is now the first in the UK to have a fully integrated website and CRM system.

Morph have just completed a website rebrand for the BBO Maths Hub, incorporating a new event booking system, linked to a CRM to manage and track engagement of our work. Their support through the process has been fantastic. The planning, implementation and guidance they have provided has meant that the transition has been seamless. We are delighted with the new and improved look of our website, and would not hesitate to recommend! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Sue Caskey, Maths Hub Project Lead, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire Maths Hub