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Instagram tips

Here are a few of our favourite Instagram tips


There are many different things that are required to create a successful and consistently growing Instagram page for your business. To be successful on Instagram you’ll need to learn how to design stunning graphics, take advantage of the algorithms, and use the full potential of your social media accounts. 



Instagram allows you to put the link to your website in your bio – take full advantage of this and provide easy access to your website. Additionally, include your phone number, and email, there so that people can easily get in contact with you.



Stories are great because they can keep your followers up to date with any important news. To use stories successfully you need to make sure you do not post too few or too many. 

If you post too few stories, you risk drifting into obscurity and being forgotten by your own followers. If you post too many stories, people may find it tedious and annoying to scroll through and may unfollow you. Excessive posting is therefore not an effective way to grow your account. 

Stories can also be used to ask your followers what they would choose when you have to decide between options for your company. This is a dynamic way of product testing and will make your followers feel more involved.



Aesthetic discipline really helps your Instagram content stand out. You can opt for one of two main options: universal uniformity or changing cycles. 

With universal uniformity, you ensure that all your content is defined by certain limitations. This could be having your logo in the corner, an overlaid watermark, or a permanent colour scheme. The benefit here is that whatever ‘uniform’ you choose for your posts, they will always be recognised as yours. This will allow for greater artistic freedom in terms of content.

With changing cycles you focus on producing content in batches. These batches are made distinct by a common motif, theme, topic. This could be topical events, current trends, or a seasonal colour scheme. The benefit here is that you can associate your content with a particular point in time or subject matter, which will make it more memorable. Ally your content to a trend, and it will lodge in the minds of your followers.

Overall, aesthetic discipline can enhance your content and it helps to reinforce your brand and key messages. It makes it look more professional and will make a stronger impression on those who see it. Standing out on Instagram is the key.


Quality of posts 

When making a new post, make sure your pictures are high quality. 

If it’s a digital photo, make sure you’re downloading it in the highest resolution possible. If it’s a photo you’re taking yourself, then make sure you are using the best camera you have available.

This will improve how professional your Instagram page looks and will help you attract more clients and followers.



Another useful feature that is underused is highlights. Highlights can be used for many different things but we suggest you use highlights to show who you are working with. You can promote them with their info within their own highlight

This is effective because it shows that you are successful enough to have partnerships and promote them, but crucially it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space on your page. It can also be a great way of showing the different categories of products or services that you offer.