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What is an Instagram Reel and how do we use them for marketing?

Instagram Reels are short videos, with a max length of 60 seconds. They are excellent for expressing your creativity and showcasing your brand image. People are often drawn to watching reels which run one after the other. They can be kind of addictive to watch! Reels often display recent cultural trends or interesting new ideas or life or work hacks.

Reels are easily accessible within their own separate tab and even more visible when using a phone. On mobile, there is a reel tab that displays reels from all Instagram accounts, not just ones you are following, making it an excellent way to be first introduced to a new brand or concept you’ve never seen before. 

This ease of accessibility, combined with the short length, makes it an amazing marketing tool. People who are busy or have shorter attention spans will be more likely to view them, and the simple Tik-Tok-esque interface makes scrolling through them easy for anybody. Reels are also a great way to keep track of popular trends.

Reels make a perfect tool for educating your target audience about the important details of your brand, or can simply be used to showcase new products very quickly. But creating new content for them is not necessary, as resharing your popular posts as reels is a good way to continue and expand the growth of that post. The rate of that growth can be tracked with the reel analytics (called ‘reel insights’ viewable in the setting of each post), which only further increase their usefulness in marketing as it allows you to gain a strong understanding of your Instagram audience.

You can add your logo and stickers, talk to the camera, add music or sound effects and use features such as polls or ‘ask me a question’ features to make them more interactive.

All of these aspects of Instagram reels combine together to create a video format that can be an excellent tool for helping market your business in simple creative ways.