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What is an Add Yours sticker for Reels?

So we all know you can now cross-post your Insta reels to Facebook right? But now you can also add an Add Yours sticker to your reel!

How to add an Add Yours Sticker

Adding an Add Your Sticker to your reel is super easy and opens up some great possibilities for your social accounts. Just click on stickers when you are making your reel and pick Add yours, then add the text you want to add – you can even add emojis if you like and then share it to reels!

This is really fun feature as you can invite others to add their reels to your posts, and you get a new page showing all the posts together. Kind of like a collage!

The ease of accessibility to making a reel directly on Instagram, combined with the fact you can cross-post it makes this a super fun marketing tool to drive management.

Reels make a perfect tool for educating your target audience about the important details of your brand, or can simply be used to showcase new products very quickly. All of these aspects of Instagram reels combine together to create a video format that can be an excellent tool for helping market your business in simple creative ways.


Here’s one below

add yours sticker

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