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Twitter tips for your business account

We have included five tips for your Twitter business account. We’d love to know what works well for you. Comment below


Your Bio

Your bio allows you to include your email address, phone number and general contact information for anybody browsing your page or who wants to contact you.


Website link

Your profile also allows you to include a direct link to your website, giving easy access to possible partners and customers. When promoting your website through your tweets, having a direct link to your website on your profile means you will get more customers because of how convenient it is to access the website.


Tweet Length

When tweeting, do make sure that your tweets are not very long or rarely long because they will not grab the attention of anyone seeing your tweets, whereas short tweets with the necessary details will mean you are more likely to get interactions. 



We recommend you only use hashtags that are relevant when looking for a partnership or promoting your product. When hashtags are used in regular tweets or every tweet, you will get fewer interactions because it makes your tweets look too salesy. People may find your tweets more of a nuisance.


Your Handle

A short and straightforward Twitter handle will always look much more clean and professional than a long Twitter handle or a handle including numbers and symbols. Short, simple handles make your Twitter look much more professional so try to find a short handle without any numbers or symbols.