Four reasons to use email marketing

At Morph we design and develop email marketing solutions for many of our clients, preparing and sending many thousands of emails each year – generating thousands of pounds worth of business.

Being a full-service marketing agency, we know how to make email marketing work for your business and ensure that emails complement your current marketing approach. 

We will design them specifically to engage with your target markets. Email marketing is an excellent tool but – like any single marketing tool – it is not a panacea. It needs to be used alongside the rest of your marketing toolkit. 

We can help you to ensure your newsletters and email marketing campaigns complement and support your marketing strategy, increase customer loyalty and brand awareness, and generate new sales. We offer great value for money – talk to us for more information.


There are four main reasons why email marketing is so useful:

1) It is very direct as it is delivered by email – now more than ever, with increasing numbers of people receiving email directly on their mobile phones.

2) It enables you to engage routinely with some of your best sales prospects – current and former customers.

3) It’s cost-effective – email marketing comes without any print or postage costs. Once you have a beautifully designed and branded bespoke email template created for you, you can use it again and again.

4) It’s easy to measure its success with your market [with web analytics] and then adapt your approach accordingly.

E-newsletters can provide a cost-effective way to stay in touch with potential clients. If you’d like us to provide this service on your behalf, we can create bespoke templates which match your brand. We can also manage all your customer lists for you, and can even write the content for you and send them on your behalf. This leaves you free to get on with what you do best.

To find out more and discuss how email marketing ould help your business thrive give us a call us on 023 92830804 or email us