Portsmouth Aqua


Web Design



Portsmouth Aqua –  a subdivision of Portsmouth Aviation, asked us to help them with an exciting new product that had the potential to bring clean drinking water to thousands yet without the use of the large quantities of chlorine usually associated with such systems. We worked together with their team of engineers and allied professionals developing a solid understanding of their product and markets and from this developed buyer personas, key messages, product branding and naming.

It was decided that a website was the first priority and that animation could provide a simple way of communicating a fairly complex product.


We designed and developed a new website for Portsmouth Aqua that would have the Oasis product at the centre. We created an animated web banner that communicated how the system worked in very simple terms and supplemented this with a web explainer video that communicated in some more detail the key benefits of the system as a low-energy, low-cost and substantially environmentally better product than the alternatives.

In addition to the website and animations,  we designed a brochure for print, a digital brochure and a custom PowerPoint template with multiple slide options and a web explainer video.

This promising project continues to grow.