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Introducing Secure Links Video

We are delighted to announce that we are launching a great new video streaming web application,  Secure Links Video.

Secure Links Video, security and simplicity

The system we have created for generating the secure links is no more complex than completing the most brief of forms and clicking a button to generate the links.

The links are always unique and encrypted in that they include a randomised 16  character string and they work as a pair. Each party to the meeting (and there can be more than two) must use their link to access the shared one-off  ‘room’.

There is no software to download. It all runs through your web browser over an encrypted link so it couldn’t be easier for those involved. It’s simplicity itself. 

In addition, we have taken a ‘less is more’ approach to data collection and retention. There is no screen recording, no patient/customer email records and so maximising security. 

Also, simple pricing and cheaper than comparable systems. What’s more, the platform will take on your own branding so your patients receive a consistent experience and care as your customer. 

Whether you’re a medical business or not, if you want a much simpler system for secure video meetings, fully branded in line with your own corporate identity then contact us for a free trial.


Background to Secure Links Video

Over a year ago and not long before the pandemic we were approached by a medical company and asked to build a web application that would enable patients to easily and simply find, book and pay for appointments with medical Consultants. An interesting project that could see increased access to Consultants for private patients and we set about it with great enthusiasm. Whilst there were a number of other applications such as Skype and Google Hangouts, there weren’t so many that were specifically set up with a level of security suitable for medical consultations. How things changed though once the pandemic took off. The big medical companies decided to opt for specific systems such as Microsoft Teams that already integrated to some extent with their existing software suite and a known and trusted brand.  Some sought to integrate video calling into their current booking systems and although there was great interest, when combined with the sudden loss of private Consultant availability, in a very short time there was simply no need for Consultants to be seeking new patients. They were already over-subscribed and so our project came to an untimely end. 

However, during our project and whilst building our high functioning platform and booking system, we prepared an interim prototype focussed on delivering secure links in the simplest possible way for medical secretaries and independent of any appointment booking system and once the project concluded, they asked if we could supply a slightly adapted version of this system on an ongoing basis as they found it so simple to use when compared to the systems of the corporate giants. It’s simplicity combined with it’s security was the appeal.

Why you might ask would a medical business want to use such a simple system when there’s Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype and others?

The answer can be summarised in two words – security and simplicity.